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Transit of Mercury 11 Nov 2019
There will be a transit of Mercury on 11 Nov 2019. The transit starts ~7:35am EST and ends ~1:04pm EST as seen from Columbus Ohio. Be sure to use the appropriate safeguards when observing the sun. ST3 Pro has a great feature that will flag upcoming events like transits, eclipses, etc. Is there a plan to implement this feature in ST4 Visual? 

Phil S.
Oops, I put this in the visual observing section of the forum instead of in the imaging section where it belongs.

Greg, feel free to relocate this thread to the imaging section.

Phil S.
People will no doubt view it visually as well, so it is fine here. BTW ST4 Imaging will be getting event calculations and ephemerides in the coming months.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Hi Greg,

Glad to hear about the coming event calculations & ephemides in ST4i. I miss those from ST3 Pro.

Phil S.
Hi All,

Is anyone planning to observe/image the upcoming transit of Mercury? There won't be another visible from the western hemisphere for a number of years.

Phil S.

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