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GRS Longitude in the ST3j Update
This item was discussed on the Yahoo e-group, but it should also be mentioned here.

With the update to ST3j, a glitch caused Jupiter's Great Red Spot longitude to be set to 262.0° when it should be 287°. To have ST show the correct position and transit time of the GRS, open the SkyTools Preferences from the planner tool bar, select the Preferences tab, and enter 287 for the GRS longitude.

The latest GRS longitude observations can be found at JUPOS...
Joe Stieber
Thank you, Joe. I'm pretty swamped with the ST4 testing right now. Your posting this was a big help!
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
I updated yesterday and found the GRS longitude to be correct (287) when I double-checked today.

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