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SkyTools and Windows 10 S
Many new Windows devices are now being offered with Windows 10 S. This is a limited version of Windows, and one of its features is that, in its default state, software can only be installed via the Windows Store. SkyTools is not available via the Windows Store, and it is unlikely to be anytime soon.

Any version of SkyTools can be run on a Windows 10 S device, but to do so, the Windows 10 "S" mode must be disabled. This is relatively easy to do, but once disabled there is no way to go back.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

What is support? Anything you run into that does not seem to be working right. Please use the appropriate support forum for that. It is vitally important to include the following information in your post: SkyTools product, edition, and version. E.g. SkyTools 4 Visual Standard Edition V4.0g. It is also important to be specific about the tool you are reporting on: E.g. Nightly Planner, Scheduler, and if Visual Real Time, be sure to include if you are using Best Now or SkyTour. Including this information right away means that I won't have to ask for it, which just takes longer. Please do not seek support in more than one place.

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