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Primary ID vs Alternate ID populated in the log
I did a little searching to see if this question has been asked before and didn't find any specific solution.
I notice (take for example the Messier objects) the primary ID within the DB for most of these objects is the "MX" designator.
But for some of them the "MX" designator is populated in the Alternate ID field rather than the Primary ID field.

The system appears to auto-populate the Primary ID into the log entry.
And there doesn't appear to be any option for the user to edit that value.
So for example "KeyStone Cluster" is auto-populated in the log - where I would want "M13" - or "M13 Keystone Cluster"

For a given object - is there any way I can swap the Primary ID value with the Alternate ID value within the underlying DB?

There are often more than just two IDs for an object. To determine which is the primary and which is the secondary, SkyTools uses a designation hierarchy. Some types of designations are considered more common, such as a Messier number, so they are used as the primary ID. The next most common designation (say, NGC) is the secondary ID. You are seeing some objects with common names instead of Messier, because common names are at the top of the designation hierarchy. If an object has a common name, this will be the primary ID.

Now that you know how it works, I can tell you that you have control over this hierarchy. If you don't ever want to see a common name, you can turn them off. Or set things up so that the Messier is always the primary ID (if there is one). To do this, open the SkyTools Preferences dialog from the button on the planner tool bar. Select the Designations tab. For more information click the help button on the dialog.

This is one of the many features that makes SkyTools much more customizable that other software.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
(2019-09-06, 03:48 PM)theskyhound Wrote: I see it!
Awesome - thanks Greg!
These have been fixed.

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