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Hello, need a little OneDrive advice
Hello all, thanks for letting me join.  Been a SkyTools user for close to probably 10 years, but only now decided to join.  I'm strictly a visual observer.

My question that I need some advice on is can I install and run ST3 Pro, and eventually ST4 Visual with OneDrive running?  If so, how?  As mentioned I've been running ST3 Pro for a while so have quite a few logs and customization (equipment etc.).  I also have an Office 365 Personal subscription for the last couple years, and have 1TB online storage I'd like to use to sync between computers, or at the very least to provide for a location for off-site backup.  But when I turned OneDrive on, it moved all my files from %username%\Documents folder to %username%\OneDrive\Documents folder which temporarily broke my ST3.  I copied all my files back into my original Documents folder location to make ST3 work again.  Is there anyway to repoint ST3's storage location?  Do I just need to perform a clean install once OneDrive is turned on and fully running?  And if so, will performing a restore operation from within SkyTools keep the new location settings or will that reset those new pointers?

If there's no way to run SkyTools within the OneDrive folder, is my only alternative to run only from the original Documents folder and manually copy the SkyTools folder to OneDrive for backup?  Lastly, I suppose running ASCOM with OneDrive is going to cause the same issues, but might be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated; I posted this over on CloudyNights but seems I haven't found anyone who's done this yet.

I think you are correct that you just need to do a clean install after enabling OneDrive. It should install in the OneDrive folder and then always refer to the files there. So if you do a Restore the files should be restored properly.

I'd be very careful about using OneDrive though. The SkyTools databases are interwoven, with an item on one database often dependent on another. If you start SkyTools and OneDrive is only half way through updating the files bad things might happen.

An alternative would be to use the Sync function in SkyTools. Create a Sync file in your OneDrive area and then open the other computer and use the Sync function again to merge the data with that computer. Of course, the same caveat still applies when it comes to all of the files having been updated...
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thanks Greg, I like the Sync idea much better.

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