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Logging "unseen" objects
Hi Fred,

You should have been able to import your notes, but there have been some problems with the ratings importing along with them. You may just need to look for the notes. They will appear listed where it says attachments. I will have that fixed in the update.

Interesting ideas... I'm not wild about making this a feature for both logs and status though. It's already complicated enough... at this point any new solutions have to be very simple and obvious. But a separate global observation status with a count... that might work.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
(2019-05-27, 06:15 PM)Ullomat Wrote: Hi all,

I am using ST 3 for quite a while now. I had a bad night yesterday when I only saw two from eight objects. A lot of clouds and some objects too faint...
This leads to a problem for which I do not have a good solution. I currently log such negative observations by writing e.g. "not seen" in the log description. 
ST marks this object with a LOG sign afterwards as usual. But I have no flag to see that it is still a not observed object or that I have to reobserve it with more aperture or under better skies. 

How do you solve this?


I use an observing list called "View Again" to help me identify logged items that I need to return to.

Quote:Use the observation status icon in your observing list... Another example would be if you were doing a list at a star party, and the observations had to be made at that party. This way you could keep track of what you observed at the party in a separate list.

Thank you; it's just what I've been looking for. Again. Believe this was available in ST3, but with the Brief/Notes feature, I have the flexibility to flag items by observing list, and also "in general", if, as someone pointed out earlier, I keep a separate list of items I need to re-observe. I put objects in a Re-Observe object list folder and create a corresponding Re-Observe attachments folders.
Rene Gedaly
C-14 on CEM60 

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