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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
It appears that the constellation filter is not working in a database power search.

I've attached a screen shot where I tried to get a list of all spiral galaxies with magnitude <= 12.0 in Andromeda.  It always gives me a list of all objects that meet my criteria in any constellation, even if I've selected the specific constellations in which I'm interested.



Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am using 4.0d.

Hi Wade,

It's the constellation selection that's not working. A search of Messier galaxies in Andromeda or Boötes returns all of the Messier galaxies. A search for Messier open clusters or globular clusters also returns all of them. I guess you could sort the list on constellation and only select the appropriate galaxies as a work-around. 

I tested that for NGC galaxies & it seems to work. Just copy the selected objects to the appropriate Target List.

You probably already figured that out Wink .

Phil S.
Thanks for reporting this! I am looking into it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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