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Calculating times for time-series photometry
Hi Greg

ah!  I had wondered about that panel on the Exspoure window.  Well then, sign me up for your testing program! Big Grin  I'm keen to help.

I am currently using two robotic scopes: iTelescopes and a private system for a high school using ACP Expert, but for that one I simply generate a plan and load it up remotely - not as sophisticated as iTelescopes but effectively the same approach.

For me, the optimal requirements look like this:
1. Nominate the time of the event (mid-eclipse/ToM - time of minima)
2. Nominate a duration before/after event over which to do the photometry - for EBs, this would generally be identical, but for other targets the two durations might be different
3. Nominate the exposure time and filter - but see note below

The system would then determine the number of images able to be taken during that time (given other delay factors) and generate a plan something like this:

; Plan Generated via SkyTools 4 Imaging
; Start observation on 2019 May 9 at 00:20 local time ending 03:50 local time
#count 210
#interval 60
#binning 1
#filter V
YY Aps 15.042863 -72.753017
; Total exposure time 12600 s 210.0 min 3.5000 hr

Note that all this is assuming I am doing single filter (typically V) time-series imaging, focusing on the ToM - for this I am looking at high-cadence imaging (and will probably turn off any periodic focusing as well).  But some targets might need to support multiple filter time-series runs (and hence a lower cadence for each filter).  For this the plan would look like this I think:

#repeat 40
#count 1,1,1,1,1
#interval 120,90,60,60,90
#binning 1,1,1,1,1
#filter U,B,V,R,I
YY Aps 15.042863 -72.753017

I haven't gotten to the stage of doing this, so that may not be the best way.  But the exposures for each filter might be different I think.

A somewhat rambling response, so my apologies, but hopefully that helps.

Clear skies
David O'Driscoll
Brisbane, Australia

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