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Calculating times for time-series photometry
Hi Greg and all
I have been using ST for some time now, largely to plan a double star programme I have been involved in.  The capabilities it provides are unique in comparison to other planning software I have used.
However I am now turning my attention to my real passion, eclipsing binaries.
It has taken me a while to understand the complexities of the exposure planning and scheduling process, but I think I have it all sorted now.  However I wonder if I am misunderstanding the process, or if I have discovered an "opportunity for improvement".   Smile
Say that that the EB has a time of minima of 2:30am.  I want to do a time-series set of as many images as I can at 60 second per exposure for a duration of 4 hours (which gives me 2 hours either side of the eclipse to capture the shoulders of the light curve).
However when planning the project, if I specify 4 hours of total imaging time, I actually get an imaging run for much longer than that, given read times etc.  That makes perfect sense, but plays havoc when I am trying to do the scheduling if I have expected to start and finish at a particular time.  It tends to result in an iterative process to work out how much "total exposure time" can be achieved during the nominated time window.
Is there some feature of the planning process that I am missing that would assist with this?
Alternatively, it would be good to provide a third option on the exposure planning window - total exposure duration, which would calculate the number of exposures based on the available imaging window.
I am open to all ideas.

Clear skies
David O'Driscoll
Brisbane, Australia

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