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T40 now open in Chile
Hi All,

A new iTelescope has opened in Chile. The designation is T40. From the iTelescope description:

Telescope Optics

OTA: ASA 500
Optical Design: Corrected Newtonian Astrograph 
Aperture: 500mm
Focal Length: 1940mm
F/Ratio: f/3.8 
Guiding: External 
Mount: ASA DDM85

Phil S.
I will have this up soon and will let you know here.

Clear skies,
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Not a problem Greg. That scope is 270 points/imaging hour & I'm on the 90 point plan. The weather there is spectacular! I hope they can install some smaller, more reasonably priced scopes in the future. 

It looks like new iTelescopes may be coming online at Bathurst The 'Telescopes' dropdown in the Launchpad lists T61, T65 & T67, but those scopes don't appear in the window for Bathurst.

Phil S.

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