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Can't find "Sky Brightness Dialog"
I'm sorry to say - in the help files it describes a "Sky Brightness" dialog module.
I've been able to find the visibility parameters having to do with the location - such as naked eye limit, seeing, air temp and humidity.
But I can't seem to find the "Sky Brightness" dialog module anywhere.
I have the standard version 3


Sky brightness is part of the location, so look for it on the location dialog. It should say "Sky brightness at zenith" or for the Standard Edition it may say something like, "Faintest star." Either way, click to the right where a value is listed.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks Greg,
AH - I think the name of the dialog module has been changed to "Light Polution -- Sky Brightness"
Its a sub-module that pops up when one clicks on the value for "Best Naked Eye Magnitude Limit"

It provides pre-set default selections for the Naked Eye Magnitude Limit value.
I was setting that value manually.

Thanks! :-]

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