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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hi Phil,

I have been looking into 46P and I have found a bug. When you create an imaging project for a comet, the "Expose for..." setting on the Exposure Goals tab is not initializing properly. The second selection that defaults to "main coma, tail" is not actually initialized correctly internally. The work around is to manually make this selection for your projects, even if it is to re-select the default.

I have also found an unforeseen problem related to such a bright comet. This problem can affect the accuracy of the exposure results, not only for the Imaging Project exposure table, but elsewhere. The fix is complicated. I am currently working on it and hope to have an update soon.

Regarding calibration, it depends somewhat on the iTelescope, but normally there are two choices:

1) iTelescope will apply the closest calibration (60 seconds) and you can just use that. This works fine for most cameras.

2) You may need to make your own master dark image at 5 seconds, and do the calibration yourself. You can have the system take a lot of darks during twilight or daylight and use them to create the master. Use the flat fields already provided, as it is only the darks that may need to be at the same exposure time.

BTW it is a erroneous setting that is requiring post approval for this forum. I am going to fix it, once I find the setting again. ;-)
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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