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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hello Phil,

There have been several issues reported with regard to 46P. This is the first bright comet since the Scheduler was born, and there seem to be some problems. I am currently working on these issues now.

I missed it the first time, but I just noticed that something is wrong with the 46P imaging project. The exposure table shows dashes in the column that normally displays the expected time required to reach the target SNR. A dash means that it was unable to reach the target SNR (which seems unlikely) or the calculation didn't work for some other reason. I suspect that whatever caused this is also the root cause of the problem you had with the Scheduler. I'll look at the code and do some experimenting in the morning, but I suspect it comes about because you forced the exposure time to be 60 seconds, but that is too long. Either the signal clips (goes past 65000 ADU) or saturates the detector.

I will look into this in detail in the morning. I suspect what may be needed is some tests for this sort of failure and error/warning message to inform the user of what is happening.

I will also post an example of how I would go about scheduling for iTelescope that you may find useful.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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