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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Hi Greg,

I didn't have a problem finding the moved thread. I've been working at scheduling for over a week, but this is the first time I tried to run the Scheduler for an iTelescope. When I started it was several days ago & the moon was still new. For the first attempts I used one of my personal Imaging Systems so the iTelescope restrictions didn't apply. My IS's are pure manual control.

The screen-shots of the Scheduler are attached as requested:

I knew that iTelescope doesn't allow gaps >5 min. That's why I tried to add Wirtanen to fill the gap. The Scheduler allotted much more time to Wirtanen than I expected. The message about gaps did appear when I tried to Save the plan. I clicked the Compact button as instructed to remove the time gaps. I've tried both the 'Auto Schedule' and 'Add' buttons for scheduling.

This scheduling result is not what I got earlier. The Scheduler made no attempt to put any Wirtanen images in the space between the Dangrieser & Tomburns images as I'd hoped.

Is there a way to send my Imaging Programs so you can see what I've done wrong? Dangrieser is starting to make the turn back to normal motion (i. e. not retrograde, prograde motion?)

Let me know if you want more information.


Phil S.

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