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How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Regarding Question 2: I think you are asking about leaving a gap in the plan? That won't work with iTelescope, unless the gap is very short. The way this is handled for private observatories is to simply wait until the time to start the next observation, but this is frowned upon by iTelescope, so the presumption is that the plan will run with no gaps. You should get a message about this if you create a plan with gaps in it... did you see that?

Regarding removing imaging projects, are you using the automated scheduling, e.g. the Schedule button? If so, what you can do is right-click in the project line under the column marked "S" (status). Select Exclude. This will place an "X" in the column and the auto-scheduler will ignore the project when scheduling.

Sending Scheduler screen captures will be much more useful to me because there is no much more information present. I should also be able to start reproducing what you are seeing too, which will really help me figure out what is going on.

Clear skies,

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