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Understanding Optimum Observation time
(2019-01-16, 11:22 PM)dw_Skyhound Wrote: You probably don't use the "Begin", "Optimum", and "End" projected times from the observation list?
Those would seem to only apply to a given night.
So if you create a list for the whole month - I'm guessing you ignore those?

Please allow me to jump in and point out that although an observing list might be meant for an entire month, when you want to observe there is no way around planning for a given night. That's just how astronomy works! So once you decide to observe, say, tonight, set the Nightly Planner to tonight and then use the information it gives you to decide which objects to observe (filters) and when to observe each one (begin, end, optimum time columns).

It would seem to me that you would benefit greatly from reading the Starter Edition users guide:
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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