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Understanding Optimum Observation time
Hi dw_Skyhound,

FYI when I create an Auto-generated observing list for my 13" telescope under Bortle 4 skies, I usually get ~130 objects in the observing list. I generate the list around the beginning of the month after Greg has updated the Current objects (Comets, Minor Planets & Supernovae) and with little to no moon (don't generate a list within a few days of full moon). I first generate the list of 'Showpiece' objects at 'Normal' list size & usually get 15-20. Then I append the shallow sky objects and pick up a couple dozen more. Finally I append a 'Large' list of 'Interesting' objects. This usually results in a list of 130-160 objects. I use the list the whole month.

For the supernovae there's a huge difference in the number of visually observable supernovae between my 13" scope (8-12) and the 32" scope at Perkins Observatory (40-50). Your 100" Max scope would probably see the whole list Smile .

Hope you find this useful,

Phil S.

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