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Understanding Optimum Observation time
(2019-01-16, 05:55 PM)PMSchu Wrote: Thank you kindly Phil!
Very kind of you to post those comments.

Yes the Standard vs does include the Data manager - and per your suggestion (as a test) I downloaded the "100 Brightest Galaxies"

Obtaining a list from another source is interesting because that list is not affected by your particular visibility limitations which you've set up in the software.  Date/Time, Location brightness, Observer pupil dilation, and Instrument parameters - all function to limit items that will be generated on a list.  

So the "100 Brightest Galaxies" list (if generated in SkyTools) would have had to be setup to ensure none of those 100 Galaxies were excluded from its list.  I wonder how the person who generated that list was able to ensure what Galaxies were included in the list?

Also, I was able to use the power search tool to pull a list of stars based on magnitude filtering.
Thanks for pointing that out.

When I get a chance I'll check out the lists for the objects in Burnham's Celestial Handbook.
Thanks very much for mentioning that!

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