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Understanding Optimum Observation time
I have no knowledge of any options or user controls on how to adjust atmospheric extinction parameters.  I would assume the software determines those parameters based on time of night and perhaps some kind of general darkness statistics having to do with various times throughout the night.  Otherwise - I would want to know how to make those adjustments.

Also on another note - I've recently purchased an Orion Intellescope system and I've set it up with AZ/ALT setting circles so that I can practice using it in the house.  Having the AZ/ALT coordinates for stars I can perform its star alignment and then find objects.
I can then use Cartes du Ciel to confirm the object the intellescope found has the correct AZ/ALT coordinates.

Tonight after doing the alignment I wanted to test it by finding some of the alpha stars in some of the constellations above the horizon.

I thought it would be cool if SkyTools gave me a list of stars that would be visible. 
I was surprised to find when I selected "All Stars" from the "List of filters" drop-down - it returned zero objects.
However when I selected "All Classes" from that same drop-down - it returns about 20 items.
I also tried "Multiple", "variable" and "Binary" stars - with no results.

So I guess it can't list available stars?

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