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Asteroid (163899) 2003 SD220 in Ursa Major
Hi All,

ST4i shows the Aten class NEO asteroid (163899) 2003 SD220 will pass through the tail of Ursa Major and between M 51 and M 101 on the mornings of 12 DEC 2018 and 13 DEC 2018. A 100 mm camera lens on a crop-sensor DSLR camera (12.8° x 8.5° FOV) should fit both galaxies and Mizar & Alkaid in the field. This looks like a good opportunity for an unique astro image.

The attached .stx file contains the osculating orbital elements for the epoch 27 APR 2019. My ST4i won't plot the asteroid on the Interactive Atlas, but it will work with the Exposure Calculator and will draw the asteroid track on the atlas so you can see where it's going.

Rats!!! The forum doesn't allow .stx files as attachments. Rats^2 .zip files aren't allowed either.

OK, I changed the .stx file extension to .txt and the forum accepted it. Hopefully anyone interested can download the .txt file and change the extension back to .stx and feed it to ST4i.

Happy hunting & Clear skies,

Phil S.

P. S. God knows clear skies are a rare thing in Ohio lately  Sad .
Hi All,

The asteroid 2003 SD220 has moved into Serpens Cauda and within 10° of the sun. It's no longer observable.

Phil S.

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