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Feature request - Save plotted image
The ultimate goal is simple. I have an organized folder structure with my astro pictures. I am always saving a plate solved image from my picture beside my processed picture for future reference (and also as who off on star parties to my friends so that I can show what I have captured). There are many objects in the sky when you take a picture of a main object but in the same you will have some more obscure targets too (see my example, as I have the Whirlpool Galaxy but also managed to capture 3 galaxies from the IC catalog) and I like to know when I watch my pictures what are on those pictures. And fact is that many time the nova.astrometry solves don't indicate small objects as your Interactive Atlas indicates on my picture.

So the save should be a straight forward JPEG with the original resolution we do not need to complicate things.

The camera view copy could be used as a work around but for some reason my camera view is presented as negative color and not all objects are annotated as in the interactive atlas. And also my camera rotation is not 100% the same as my settings in all my images as I rotate my camera for better framing on the go so re-saving the attached image with annotation would be more ideal. Of course, if this is easy to do. I don't want to ask for something ultra-complicated Wink (I'm a developer myself so I know how it is when somebody ask you some thing that you will spend days to implement it Big Grin )

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