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Feature request - Save plotted image

It wouldn't be that difficult to do. It would use the camera window, since it is already set up to match the orientation of the image. It would help me to know what the ultimate purpose of the image would be, and what file formats would be acceptable.

BTW you can do this now, albeit in a roundabout way. Use the camera view. Set things up the way you want. For instance, you might want to turn of the drawing of stars on the chart, and what labels you want enabled. The use the Copy button to copy the chart to the clipboard at the original image size. Then paste into something like Photoshop and save it as a file.
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Feature request - Save plotted image - by CsMisi - 2018-09-25, 06:19 AM
RE: Feature request - Save plotted image - by theskyhound - 2018-09-25, 03:49 PM

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