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Export observing lists
Hi - I think this question has to have been asked before, but after 20 min of searching, I couldn't find it, so sorry if I missed previous threads. 
Been a very long time ST user and still love it on my PC, but I don't always have my PC when I'm observing and am starting to use Sky Safari on phone or iPad, including to control the scope, for times when I don't want to go to the trouble of setting up a place to put the PC, not to mention having sufficient power to keep it going. 

I've seen mentions on the web that Sky Tools can export observing lists in a format Sky Safari can recognize, but I cannot find any where in the software (or in the Help) to do this.  I saw the discussion where Greg said he doesn't plan to support the open astronomy log, which is disappointing.  But regardless, my primary interest is being able to export a list of objects for viewing and import into skysafari.

So can this be done?  The post I saw seemed very clear that there was a way to do this. 

As ST remains my central DB, it would also be really great to be able to log things in field in Sky Safari and bring those logs back into ST - but right now Observing lists are higher priority. 

Two-way sync of everything of course would be wonderful - but second choice would be lists from ST to SS, and then logs back from SS to ST. 


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