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Close Approach of 2024 JY16
CNEOS predicts that the newly discovered NEO, 2024 JY16, will make a close approach on 2024-May-15 01:10±00:02 UT at a distance of 0.00225 AU moving with V Relative=16.80 km/sec, H=24.8 magnitude, diameter 29 m - 65 m and 'Rarity'=2. There is only a 0.645 day observation arc, the Condition Code=8 and the Earth MOID=0.000655974 AU. The solution date was 2024-May-14 05:47:28 PDT. The initial reported observation was  by Catalina Sky Survey on 2024-05-13. There wasn't much warning for this one.

Using MPC's elements for the epoch 2024 May 14 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a peak brightness of 14.2 magnitude on May 14 around 2200 EDT with the NEO traveling through Hydra at 10.1"/second. Close approach (to the nearest hour) is predicted on 2024 May 14 2100 EDT with the NEO at 14.2 magnitude traveling through Sextans at 10.4"/second, but not detectable in evening twilight as seen from Columbus, Ohio. This MP might be well observed from Europe, weather permitting.

Here's the Object Info dialod for this object:     

This is another very close pass, so for the most accurate positions orbital elements should be downloaded from the HORIZONS website for a time near your planned observing time.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
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