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Observation Status auto update
Been out for a while, now there is a change I need to turn off, that is - marking previous object as observed when selecting another object on the list. Using telescope control, if I can't identify the object, I want to go to the next object, leaving the prior object for another night.
In the same vein, if I am viewing an object and the clock runs out, it disappears from the list before I can finish and or log it

All help appreciated
Joe Castor
Starmaster 14.5 GoTo w/telescope control using ASCOM w/Bluetooth serial adapter
Hello Joe,

It sounds like you are using the Real Time too in Sky Tour mode, right?

In order to set the status of an object back to what it was before, you could place a red check mark next to it. When you are done observing, switch the mode to Best now so you can see all of the objects. Find the one with the check and reset the status by right-clicking in the status column.

You may switching to Best Now mode to be a more flexible way to observe. There is no clock in that mode.

We have a hole set of tutorials on the Real Time tool and using it to best suit your needs here:
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thanks for your reply, Greg.
Yes, using real time and telescope control. Ok, a little rusty and I'd forgotten the Best Now setting (however, when I looked this morning, it came up showing that selection?)
For the observed status, is there not a way to toggle that auto feature off so I can mark it when I'm ready/finished with an object? 
What I did was to "show all", looked for objects observed without a log entry and changed them back to not yet observed. Clumbsy at best.
Thanks again for your support. I'll take a refresher ride through the tutorials. That always helps.

Joe Castor
tail bumbling user
Hello Joe,

There are several places where this can be controlled in to one extent or another.

On the Telescope Control Menu: there are the following selection that can be checked on/off: Automatically mark objects as Observed.

You can reset all of the status values via the List Functions menu --> Reset All Objects to Unobserved Status.

I urge you to read the appropriate topic in the help system under "Real Time Observing." These topics are separated by how you are using Real Time in the filed, which mode, e.g. on-screen charts, goto telescope, etc. Similarly, the video tutorials I posted a link to also provide this information. In that case its about selecting the right video.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Perfect Greg! Thank you so much. Off to the tutorials.

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