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Close Approach of (21374) 1997 WS22
CNEOS predicts that the kilometer-sized NEO, (21374) 1997 WS22 will make a close approach on 2024-May-21 12:50±<00:01 UT at a distance of 0.11048 AU moving at V Relative=12.31 km/sec, H=17.4 magnitude, diameter 860 m - 1.9 km and 'Rarity'=1. There is a 18119 day observation arc, the Condition Code=0 and the Earth MOID=0.109022 AU. The solution date was 2024-May-02 05:51:38 PDT. This object is not on MPC's Potentially Hazardous Asteroids list.

Using MPC's elements for 2024 May 2 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that this object is currently moving slowly through Hercules at 15.5 magnitude, brightening to a peak brightness of 13.4 magnitude on the evening of May 19-20 when it will be traveling through Libra at ~9"/minute and 0.11 AU distant. This NEO will be best visible from the southern hemisphere.

Here's the Object Info dialog for this object:     

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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