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Create Observing List of Selected GAIA DR3 Objects
Hi Antone,

I downloaded your 2 .csv files and have some questions. What are the units on the RA column, just degrees? To convert to Hours, I just divide by 15°/hr, correct? What are the units on the proper motion columns (P, T & U), milliarcseconds/year (mas/yr)?

It looks like you also have columns for the Green-Red and Blue-Red magnitudes. Would it be worthwile to calculate a Blue-Green magnitude column to approximate the B-V color Index that SkyTools can search on in the stellar data?

As a test I did a Database Power Search (DBPS) for stars brighter than 15 magnitude and B-V>1 (red stars) with proper motions greater than 5"/year. The Observing List (OL) is attached. 

I've also extracted a few of the brighter stars from your high_v_tan file, but haven't done anything with them yet.

Phil S.

Attached Files
.stx   Bright High Propermotion Red Stars (2024 May 4).stx (Size: 221 bytes / Downloads: 0)

I got called away last weekend and wasn't able to look at your data. I'll try again this weekend. Do you have any more recent lists for me to look at?
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

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