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Is there a way to create observations by scanning a folder of images?
Is there a way auto-create observations by scanning a directory-tree of .FITS files?  I would like to track projects that I have started years ago but are not complete.  It will be quite tedious to manually enter each night's observations to determine the total data I have collected over the years.  I use ACP and Scheduler gives me a good feel for my progress but sometimes I'll modify plans in Scheduler which would skew its description of progress.  And in some cases some data were collected without ACP.  I use PixInsight's batch-preprocessing script to quickly read a directory-tree of my light frames taken on a given target over the years and it will conveniently compute total exposure for each filter for the entire tree of files.  It would be great to have something similar in SkyTools so I can save this and track progress over time.  Going a bit further... getting PixInsight to compute quality statistics on the observations and store that in the project would be fantastic as well.

That does sound tedious, but you do only have to select the first image in each sequence and then tell it how many are in the stack. It automatically calculates everything else.

The primary purpose of logging images is to keep track of how much SNR we have accumulated so we can determine our progress toward our exposure goal. This is usually something only necessary for current projects. I will think about ways to do this in a more automated fashion, but the problem is that the FITS headers don't always have all of the information. For example, they don't tell you whether or not there was a defect that caused the image to be discarded in the final stack, or record the weather at the time of the observation.
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Will be really a nice feature to be able to use SkyTools as a database of all the exposures by object. It will be similar to the logs in the visual version but on imaging. Like if we can link every FITS image of a folder to the object, automatically reading the FITS field of object, telescope, date and time, exposure, and then be able to search have a way to search or database by object and observation night.

Just a thought...
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