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4 Galilean moons, Amalthea and 8 of the outer satellites of Jupiter.
I thought that it was able to identify minor planets, but maybe it doesn't work on satellites. That's unfortunate.

Based on your data from HORIZONS it looks like you've caught Leda.

Phil S.
I'll just wait until Greg adds Leda to SkyTools, then take my rig to a dark sky site and have a go from there, Brisbane is just getting way too light polluted.

I wouldn't bet my telescope on it, but I think I have a reasonable candidate althouigh there is always some degree of uncertainty due to random noise, imaging artefacts, processing artefacts and then plain old wishful thinking or hoping.


You are at your limit of detection & Leda is moving, so stacking doesn't help. That's a tough situation. You could try tracking Leda like you did some of the MPs, then stacking would improve the SNR. Darker skies would help too.

Phil S.
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