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Looking for Cassiopeia A (Cas A) SNR
Hi all,

I recently read an article for DS challenges. The Cas A SNR was mentioned there and it seems to be in the reach of my scope. But I did not find it in the ST 3 Database. Not in the search nor as an object at the coordinates given. 

Any idea?

Thanks and always cs,
It isn't no. However if you use the import lists from the Skyhound website (Data manager -> Import shared lists) and look under miscellaneous lists you will find it there and can import that and then it will show. However I am not sure what size telescope and observing site you have but I think you will need a pretty large telescope for this.

Hi Owen,
thanks, I just did the import.
I've read positive observation reports with 16" at good sites in the Alpes. So next time I will try it with my 18" when I am there and the conditions are fine.

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