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Close Approach of 2004 GA
CNEOS predicts that this medium sized NEO will make a close approach on 2023-Mar-30 08:08±<00:01 UT at a distance of 0.07756 AU. It will be moving at 10.41 km/sec, H=20.2 magnitude, the size is 240 m - 540 m, 'Rarity'=1 and Condition Code=0. The Earth MOID is 0.0662636 AU so it never gets very close.

Using MPC's elements for 2023 Mar 28 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a peak brightness of 15.9 magnitude on April 4 0000 EDT when it will be moving through Leo at 0.08 AU distance at 9.7"/min. Unfortunately ST4v predicts that the full moon will make visual observation impossible in a 13" scope. The nights of March 28 - April 1 are better because the moon is farther away.

Here's the Object Info dialog showing the information about this close approach:     

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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