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Close Approach of (199145) 2005 YY128
CNEOS predicts that this large NEO will make a close approach on 2023-Feb-16 00:46 ± < 00:01 UT at a distance of 0.03073 AU. H=18.4 magnitude, V relative=24.65 km/sec, 'Rarity'=2 & Condition Code=0. This is a large object, 570m - 1.3 km so it's already 15.4 magnitude according to ST4v despite still being 0.15 AU distant. I thought that it might be interesting to keep an eye on it as it approaches.

Using MPC's orbital elements for the epoch 2023 February 5 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a maximum brightness of 13.2 magnitude on February 14 traveling from Antlia into Vela at ~40"/min. This NEO is best visible from the southern hemisphere or below 30° N.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of this NEO from 2023 February 11 - 17 for Brisbane, Australia:     

Note that the times shown in the OI dialog Notes are EST.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
Thanks for the heads up. I had looked at the ephem a while back for this one. Mostly a southern view rock. I get a chance just inside astronomical twilight on the morning of Feb 12 when it is 40° up in my southern light polluted skies at ~mag13.7. Speed ~16"/min.

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