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Close Approach of (199145) 2005 YY128
This large NEO (0-1 km) is predicted to make a close approach during early February 2023. ST4v predicts that this object will reach  a peak brightness of 13.4 magnitude on 2023 Feb 14 when it will be  in Antlia moving at 39.7"/min.

This will be a good object for southern hemisphere observers. I'll post more information closer to the end of January.

Phil S.
Thanks for the heads up. Looks like for my neck of the woods, it will 13.4 mag, moving ~25"/min just after midnight on the 13th. 32° up in the south. But just after midnight on the 12th, it will be mag 13.7 and moving into the SW sky (much darker skies). But the bright Moon will have risen and be 14° high and 56° away.
Using MPC's elements for 2022 Dec 20 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will be 14.4 magnitude in Sextans on February 10. It's predicted to reach 16 magnitude on February 4 - 14. You'll get a better view from the Houston area than from 40°N, but the southern hemisphere will have the best view.

This looks like one of the cases where it would be nice to plot the Trails for the NEO & the moon on the same IA chart.

Phil S.

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