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Close Approach of 2005 LW3
CNEOS predicts that the NEO 2005 LW3 will make a close approach on 2022-Nov-23 10:06 ± < 00:01 UT at a distance of 0.00762 AU. H=21.6 magnitude, V relative=13.49 km/sec, 'Rarity'=2 & Condition Code=0. The size is estimated to be 130-280 m so it's 20 magnitude according to ST4v at 0.06 AU distant on November 15.

Using MPC's orbital elements for the epoch 2022 November 13 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a maximum brightness of 13.4 magnitude on November 23 at 19:00 EST traveling through Pegasus at 106.4"/min. The minimum distance of 1142.0k km is predicted to occur on November 23 at 05:00 EST when it will be moving through Aquarius at 14.0 magnitude and 148.3"/min.
Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of this NEO from 2022 November 22-29 for Columbus, Ohio:     

Note that this NEO will pass within 4' of the open cluster M 73 on 2022 Nov 22 1944 EST. It will also be less than 1° from M 72 and the Saturn Nebula around that time.

If the weather cooperates, this should be an excellent chance to observe a fast moving NEO moving through the eyepiece field. Here's an ST4v Scope Finder chart for November 23 using a 13.1" Newtonian reflector showing the motion through the eyepiece:     

Good hunting,

Phil S.
I thought I had mentioned this rock some time back. It looks like for me it will be best attempted just after end of evening twilight on the 23rd. Very high in the south at ~mag 13.4 at 1.5'/min. When it passes M73, it will not be a visual object for me. However, this will be an interesting photo opportunity for those so equipped.
Yes, this NEO and 2022 RM4 were the 2 rocks that you mentioned back in September or October. 2022 RM4 was discovered on 2022 September 12. 

Using MPC's elements for 2022 Nov 15 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that 2005 LW3 will be 15.1 magnitude as it passes M 73 moving at 124"/min. This NEO is rated 'Apparent' in my 13" from your observing location at that time FWIW. It gets a 'Difficult' rating from my location in Ohio.

Good luck if you try to spot it,

Phil S.
Total cloud cover last night so a no go when best from SE Texas. Looks to be cloudy for another 5 days.

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