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Pismis 27 / NGC 6882
ver 4.0j R19 Visual Pro

When doing a Designation Search for Pismis 27, in the "Search Results" box it returns Pismis 27, further down in "Data for Currently Selected Target" shows NGC 6882.

However, using the Designation Search tool for NGC 6882, it cannot find it. The top entry in the "Search Results" box is NGC 6885.
And looking at the Info for 6885, it shows the "Also Known As" NGC 6882.

In the Harold Corwin's NGC list he has 6882 and 6885 equal to each other.

Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken, NGC numbers are basically in RA hour order. 6882 is near the end of the hour order at 20H. And Pismis 27 is at hour 6H

So, should Pismis 27 be linked to NGC 6882 as an Alternate ID?

Steve Goldberg
<Hoping he got that right, and understandable>
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  • theskyhound
Interesting case. Thanks!
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
NGC numbers used to be in RA order but precession has altered some of those orders.

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