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Close approach of (217628) Lugh 1990 HA
CNEOS presicts that the large NEO (217628) Lugh 1990 HA will make a close approach on 2022-Nov-20 09:13 ± < 00:01 UT at a distance of 0.13484 AU. H=16.6 magnitude, V Relative=21.16 km/sec, 'Rarity'=1 & Condition Code=0. This NEO has a diameter of 1.4 km.

Using recent orbital elements from the MPC, ST4v predicts that this object will reach a peak brightness of 14.7 magnitude on November 15 at 0.15 AU distance when it will be moving through Monoceros at 10.8"/min. At close approach it will be moving through Hydra at 12.8"/min & 15.8 magnitude. It looks like it will be within ~2° of Bellatrix in Orion on the morning on November 2.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of this NEO from October 19 to November 27 as seen from Columbus, Ohio:     

This large, bright NEO should be visible from the northern & southern hemispheres, plus there's plenty of warning. 

Good hunting,

Phil S.
According to ST4v using MPC's elements for 2022 Nov 7 00:00 UT, this object is predicted to be 15.0 magnitude moving through Orion at 6.2"/min. It is still 0.2 AU distant.

Clear skies,

Phil S.

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