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Close approach of 2022 UG2
CNEOS reports that the newly discovered NEO 2022 UG2 will make a close approach on 2022-Oct-21 09:32 ± < 00:01 UT at a distance of 0.00415 AU. H=26.9 magnitude, V relative=10.53 km/sec, 'Rarity'=0 & Condition Code=6. This object was discovered on October 18 by PanSTARRS 2 on Haleakala. This NEO is slightly smaller & will pass farther away than 2022 UC1, so it is predicted to be fainter.

Using MPC's elements for 2022 October 20 00:00 UT ST4v predicts that this object will reach peak brightness of 16.0 magnitude on October 21 0000 EDT at a distance of 656.4k km when it will be passing through Triangulum at 193.1"/min. Predicted minimum distance (to the nearest hour) of 623.2k km occurs at 0500 EDT October 21 when it will be 16.4 magnitude passing through Andromeda at 207.7"/min.

Here is an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path as seen from Columbus, Ohio: [attachment=2546]

Since this NEO will pass very close to earth, parallax will affect the predicted positions of this object. Anyone who wants to observe this object will need to download the orbital elements from MPC & generate their own charts.

The big time MP hunters have been very busy lately. This is one of 37 new NEOs added to the MPC's list of NEOs today. There were >25 yesterday, too.

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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