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Close approach of 2022 UC1
CNEOS predicts that the newly discovered NEO 2022 UC1 will make a close approach on 2022-Oct-21 22:46 ± 00:02 UT at a distance of 0.00364 AU. H=26.3 magnitude, V relative=6.77 km/sec, 'Rarity' = 1, Condition Code = 7.  This MP was discovered on October 17 at Pan-STARRS 2 on Haleakala.

Using MPC's elements for October 19, 2022 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that this MP will reach a peak brightness of 14.8 magnitude on October 21 at 2100 EDT when the NEO will be moving through Aries at 147.4"/min at 553.9k km distance. Close approach (to the nearest hour) is predicted to occur on October 21 at 1900 EDT (2300 UT) when 2022 UC1 will be moving through Pisces at 151.1"/min, 551.2k km distant in twilight as seen from Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately ST4v predicts that it will not be observable with a 13" telescope under those conditions, but 2000 EDT is possible.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted position of 2022 UC1 on October 21-22 as seen from Columbus, Ohio. Since this NEO will get very close, parallax will affect the predicted positions, so you'll need to make charts for your location to get accurate positions for this object. At least we got some warning for this one.

Good hunting.

Phil S.
Thanks for the heads up. For me, it will be brightest ~17:45cdt (daylight) @mag 14.6 and closest (1.417LD) an hour later on the 21st. But only at an altitude of -4°-+6° moving ~2.3'/min. So, no joy. By 1:45 on the 22nd, it will be very well placed (82°) in my SE sky-glow moving 2'/min but at mag 15.2. So another rock from space passes very close, fast but just out of reach. There are currently 22 obs and it will be interesting to follow as the big scopes keep track.
Around 2200-2300 CDT it's predicted to be 14.9-15 magnitude & ~45°-55° altitude. Unfortunately the azimuth is ~90° then. Does that put it in the Houston light dome?

Phil S.
Fortunately, my 70yo eyes do not pretend to spot stellar magnitudes from 14.9-15.2 with my 13". Especially from my Bortle 4ish yard. From very dark steady skies my 24" will allow me to perverted vision edge into the 16th mag realm.
BMD, you need to stop using that dirty old man (perverted) vision. That could get you into a lot of trouble  Big Grin. (Unless you have Secret Service protection.) Stars show up better with averted vision. My optometrist says that my pupil diameters are down to 5.1 mm (left) & 5.3 mm (right). Close to what ST4v predicts for my age.

I've reserved some iTelescope time to try to capture this NEO as it passes tonight & tomorrow night. I wonder what will go wrong this time.  We'll see how it goes.

Phil S.

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