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Close approach of 2021 VH
CNEOS predicts that this Aten class NEO will make another close approach on 2022-Nov-01 02:30 ± 00:04 UT at Re of 0.01515 AU (2266.8k km). H=29.6 magnitude, Vrel=5.25 km/sec, 'Rarity'=0.

ST4v predicts that this NEO will only reach a peak brighnness of 22.7 magnitude on 2022 Nov 4. The light curve is fairly flat so it should retain this brightness for several days - not that it matters much. The interesting thing about this object is that it was discovered last year AFTER it passed within 0.00020 AU (29.3k km) on 2021-Nov-01 10:33 ± < 00:01 UT. It was discovered on November 2. The Earth MOID (Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance) is 0.000141093 AU! 

Here's the Object Information for this NEO:     

It's not really observable, but I thought that it's neat that this new object has come around for another close pass a year later.

Phil S.
It's orbit was greatly changed during its very close approach last November. It approached from the sun-ward side of the Earth, which explains why it wasn't discovered until shortly after closest approach. Nothing interesting happens to it over the next several centuries.
Yes, it was severely perturbed last year when it passed so close to earth. It looks like it won't make that mistake again for quite some time. Wink The small earth MOID suggests that it will be back eventually though.

Phil S.

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