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Rocks Get Gone Quickly
I decided to fool around with the 54 most recently discovered NEAs (Sept 25 - Oct 5) - (2022 SZ10 - 2022 TZ1). I played around with their distance from my location about the mid time of their discovery date (Sept 29 00:00CDT). It was interesting that the closest rock at that time was 2022 TV @301LD and the most distant one was 2022 TN1 @710LD. Geez, these rocks don't hang around long! It's no wonder we are not getting a chance to snag them visually.
Also if you check the CNEOS website most of these rocks have an H>26 magnitude. Many also have a Minimum Re >0.03 AU. When I calculate their ephemeris they don't get brighter than 19-20 magnitude, if that. Those are hard to spot visually. The website in the Netherlands is a goldmine of information. Since they use the MPC's NEO data file, they also report close approaches of objects that neither CNEOS nor MPC list as having close approaches.

Phil S.

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