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Close Approach of (177614) HK33
CNEOS predicts that the large NEO (177614) HK33 will make a relatively close approach to earth on 2022-Oct-07 18:34 ± < 00:01 UT at a distance of 0.10255 AU. H=17.7 magnitude, V relative=12.08 km/sec & 'Rarity'=1. The size is estimated to be1-2 km.

ST4v predicts that the peak brightness of 15.2 magnitude will occur from October 13 to 20. Brightness at close approach is estimated to be 15.6 magnitude. The predicted motion is ~8.5"/min at close approach decreasing to ~5"/min after October 22.

This NEO is best observerd from the southern hemisphere (weather permitting). Here's an IA chart showing the predicted path of this NEO from October 11-22 as seen from Brisbane, Australia: [attachment=2537]

I almost forgot to post this one.

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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