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Close approach of 2022 SU21
CNEOS predicts that the recently discovered NEO 2022 SU21 will make a close approach on 2022-Oct-08 20:14 ± 00:08 UT at a distance of 0.00819 AU. H=24.7 magnitude, V relative=19.96 and 'Rarity'=1.

ST4v predicts that peak brightness of 16.4 magnitude will occur on October 8 at 05:00 EDT when the MP will be 1476.1k km distant, traveling through Perseus at 138"/min. The minimum Re is predicted to occur on October 8 at 16:00 EDT at a distance of 1228.7k km traveling through Camelopardalis at 203"/min in daylight at 17.0 magnitude. The close approach may be visible from Japan. It occurs too close to the north celestial pole to be easily visible from the southern hemisphere.

Here's an IA chart showing the predicted path of 2022 SU21 for the night of October 7-8, 2022: [attachment=2534]

Both 2022 SU21 and 2022 TD would be easier to observe with a scope larger than a 13".

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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