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Searching in an RA/Dec box
I was looking to find objects around the head of Hydra in a Database Power search and currently the only thing I can do is search by constellation which is not that much use from my latitude. Would it be possible to add an extra feature to allow the user to specify an RA and Dec range in the search to get more useful results?
Hi Owen,

In the DBPS dialog, under the Constellation section, there's an option to search within some number of degrees (or min or sec) that you can select using a Designation Search. Would that accomplish what you're looking for? Pick a star or galaxy in the middle of the head of Hydra & set the search radius as appropriate.

Hope this helps,

Phil S.

Edit: Here's an example of a search for multiple stars within 3° of a star near the middle of the Hydra's head:     

Does this accomplish your goal? This technique should work for other types of objects, both as targets and as anchors for the center of the search. As Greg mentioned in an earlier thread, you can keep adding objects to the search result list & build up an OL with multiple types of target objects in it while keeping the same center object.

This looks like a cool feature that I've never explored before.
When you click on "Nothing" to enter a position to search around, the Object Requestor dialog appears. Most people never seem to look past the Search tab, but you can also select the Enter Coordinates tab to enter coordinates to search around.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Coordinates would work, but I just went for a convenient star. So many to chose from with the extended star DB  Cool.

Thanks, Greg.

Phil S.

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