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2018 FE4
Well No Joy capturing 2018 FE4 with the iTelescopes. T19 had a camera malfunction & captured no images & T21 captured 9 images then the roof closed, ending the observing run  Sad. I didn't see any signs of the MP in the .jpg images that were provided. The scope was set to track the MP, so all of the stars were trailed on T21. I tried to set T19 to run with tracking on & off, but that didn't work out.

I'll post an image, if I can get a decent one. At least it wasn't cloudy this time  Big Grin.

Phil S.

Edit: Heard from the folks at iTelescope that the malfunction that occurred on my run on T19 was the only error found out of ~60 that they looked at. Figures.
Hi Phil

Friday night 29th Sept 2022 in Brisbane was clear (yay Smile ) so I dusted off the Mewlon 210 and pointed it at 2018 FE4 but no luck. At m18.9 and moving it didn't register.

I did manage to grab the trail of 2000 JA13 (mag 17.1) and ST4 also showed that 7845 Mckim (mag 18.7) was also in the field but again no luck.

I guess that 1 out of 3 isn't too shabby eh? I identified some stars down to mag 19 in the field. I grabbed 10x90 sec frames from 11:08-11:22 PM AEST (13:08-13:22 UTC).

I have marked the ST4 positions with red circles for the 2 NEO's that I didn't get.




Congratulations, Dennis at least you got one. 17.1 magnitude with a 90 sec exposure.

I still haven't examined mine. 

Phil S.
Definitely nice work!
Thanks Phil and BMD, I appreciate your comments. I did try to track on 2018 FE4 (180 sec exposures) but the star trails were small sinusoidal squiggles rather than straight lines this time, compared to my last effort.

I think that I had PEC "Enabled" so maybe the Periodic Error Corrections were fighting with the NEO Tracking, something to investigate on my next clear night.

Thanks again guys, you bring a wealth of knowledge with your posts, I am in awe. Smile


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