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Looking Way Ahead
I'm so tired of this cloudy weather, that I took a look rather far into the future.

Found an interesting rock not at CNEOS yet. 2005 LW3, H=21.62, 125-280 meters, 3LD pass couple days b4 Thanksgiving, possibly mag 13.4, max speed 148"/min in south. Uncertainty 0! Recently observed by Spacewatch this last April.

Very well placed for me (and Phil) on Nov 23 just after end of astronomical twilight moving 1.6'/min, 78° up in Pegasus. No Moon issues.

Taking bets on the weather??

I've also searched CNEOS for some NEOs through December 2022, but haven't posted anything about them yet as they're so far in the future. With the MP DB flushed I can't access the OLs for those objects yet; however, I can share the saved .stx files, so here you go. The files are attached.

As for the weather around Thanksgiving, my Magic 8-ball says, "Cloudy". November has some of our rainiest weather.

Have fun with them.

Phil S.

Attached Files
.stx   Large NEOs 2022 Jul - Sep.stx (Size: 15.67 KB / Downloads: 0)
.stx   Large NEOs 2022 Oct + Dec.stx (Size: 12.84 KB / Downloads: 0)
Thanks. We will see. I might leave SE Texas for a while.

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