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filter by angle in planner for specific time
I have a Dobson mounted scope and certain elevation angles are not comfortable for me- I would like to filter a list for a specific window of time by a range of telescope angles . For instance: objects that can be viewed with the scope angle between 45 and 70 degrees between 10:00p and 11:30p on a specific night. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Jon Reck
Hi Jon,

You can limit SkyTools approach to the zenith by setting the appropriate value for the Dobson's hole parameter. Check it out in the Help section for instructions on setting that up. I'm not sure how you can limit the lower angle. You could set an obstructed horizon at 45° for the full 360° azimuth, but then you might not be able to easily observe anything below that limit in the future unless you reset the obstructed horizon to a new value.

Is this what you're looking for?

Phil S.
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Thank you, Phil. That's very clever. I can work with that approach.

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