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Close Approach of 2022 QX4
The CNEOS website predicts that the recently discovered NEO 2022 QX4 will make a close approach on 2022 Aug 29 09:24±00:07 UT. The approach distance is 0.01225 AU, H=24.6, 'Rarity'=1, Condition Code=8. This NEO was discovered on August 24.

Using MPC's elements for 2022 Aug 25 00:00 UT, ST4v predicts that this NEO will reach a peak brightness of 15.1 magnitude on August 28 at 2300 EDT (Aug 29 0300 UT) when it will be in Aquarius moving at 60.6"/min. Here's an interactive Atlas chart showing the path of this NEO as seen from Columbus, Ohio: [attachment=2469]

Interestingly, the path goes through the earth's shadow at 2300 EDT. It's probably too distant at 0.01 AU to be eclipsed though.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
Apparently it will It pass through Earth's penumbra just as it reaches max brightness, a few hours before closest approach.
Some strange orbit. As the asteroid with the 44th smallest known semi-major axis and the object with the smallest semi-major axis discovered so far this year, smaller than that of Venus.

Fortunately, it stays outside our orbit and will have many more observations than the current one day 26 obs. Refining its orbit may help determine how deeply it will be eclipsed. Running it back in time, I see that each close approach under 0.05AU (2013, 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, & 1968) has it in the mag 15s. A very close approach on Sept 1, 1977 8:17TDB of only 1372224Km. Other predict much much closer as in 4500Km.
As seen from Columbus, the predicted path takes it through the northern part of the umbra. I don't know if the umbra extends that far. Unlikely. There's also a chance to observe it at 16.3 magnitude on Aug 27, too.

Phil S.
The MPC has refined the orbital elements for 2022 QX4 with another day's observations. CNEOS has the close approach occurring on 2022 Aug 29 09:25±<00:01 UT. Distance is still 0.01225 AU. The Condition Code has decreased to 7.

Using the newer elements, ST4v predicts that the NEO will reach 16.2 magnitude on the night of Aug 27-28 from 0200-0400 EDT, then brighten further to 16.1 magnitude by 0500 EDT as it decreases in altitude.

Note that I made an error in the Object Info dialog Notes. The Note should say that the NEO is visible on Aug 28 at 0300 EDT not Aug 27. I mixed thing up with the 'Evening of' designation.

Good hunting,

Phil S.

Update for August 27: The time of predicted close approach per CNEOS is now 2022 Aug 29 09:24±<00:01 UT. The distance is still 0.01225 AU and the Condition Code is still 7.
The path predicted by ST4v is unchanged. The NEO's path still cuts through the north-northwestern portion of earth's umbra ~2300 EDT on Aug 28. Here's the updated Interactive Atlas chart showing the path through the earth's shadow: [attachment=2474]

A file showing the ephemeris for the NEO is attached for an observer at Columbus, Ohio using a 13" Newtonian reflector.

Phil S.

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