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Viewing Location Quick Find
I've not found a method to quickly choose a viewing location in ST4. Maybe I'm missing it in the help dialog. Something like a globe/map thingy. Where I can just put my cursor to click a general location.

Most people have just a few fixed locations that they observe from, so its never been a priority to include a map you can click on. If you need such a thing, use Google Earth and then copy/paste the exact location into the new location dialog.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

If you're just looking for a general location, can you use one of the cities that's included with SkyTools? Will that get you close enough? If not, you could adjust the coordinates from there to get better accuracy.

Phil S.
You can also download a GPS app (for android I use an app called Sidereal Time) for your phone  that will tell you your exact coordinates. Then you can enter these into Skytools and give the location a name.
Paul D
I was wanting something quick and dirty with not much precision
My point of wanting something like I described is to quickly compare viewing circumstances from different locations. Phil, If I recall, only the TSP and Mesa Redondo Observatory were included in my version of ST. Copying and pasting from Google Earth is fantastic if I want precision, but far to labor intense for the possibly dozens to hundreds of trial locations I might be checking. Like the occultation of Mars by the Moon. I have personal locations amounting to ~20 precision Lat & Long. Most are in Texas, with a few other scattered around the world. I'm almost certain I'm overlooking something simple. I'll just add more.

I found the cities Phil. Under the "New" tab. I thought new meant "create a new location" so never clicked it. But I must have a long, long time ago when I set up my personal locations. Just call me DA! LOL

Sorry I didn't describe the process more completely. That's how I select locations for some of the NEO close approaches in other parts of the world. I also use the iTelescope observatory sites, but the ST4 Visual program may not include those. I started with ST4 Imaging & the iTelescope sites were included with it.

I also used the cities option to find spots to view the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse. It's pretty quick & dirty, but gets the job done.

Glad that you found something that helps,

Phil S.

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