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Close Approach of 2022 OA
The newly discovered NEO 2022 OA will make a close approach on July 25 12:38±00:31 UT. According to CNEOS, it will pass at 0.01290 AU, H=24.3 and 'Rarity'=1. According to ST4v this MP will reach peak brightness of 16.5 magnitude on the morning of July 24 before dawn as seen from Ohio, USA when it will be moving through Capricornus into Aquarius at ~50.6"/min. It's predicted to fade to 16.9 magnitude at close approach when it will be moving through Pegasus at ~66.4"/min.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of this NEO from July 22-25 as seen from Columbus, Ohio:     

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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