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export in skysafari not working
When I try and export a list of current visible comets in skysafari list for import into my Nexus DSC, the Nexus cannot read the list. I see that the objects seem oddly listed. Ever object has the same objectID, there are no tabs before the object details like my working lists. Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong?

CommonName=C/2017 K2
CommonName=C/2022 E3
I don't think that is the way to export comets to the Nexus. It normally wants the comet data in a soft00cmt.txt format on the MicroSD card. Greg added an option to create that from current comets in ST4 but you cannot do that I think in ST3 . Remember the skylist format requires the object to be in the current database on the Nexus as it cannot work otherwise. The skylist format was a really dumb way of doing things.
That is correct, you need to go to the minor planet center website and download some or all of the orbital elements from there onto the Micro SD in the Nexus DSC. The only other work around if you did not feel like downloading the MPC list is to use the current R.A. and Dec. from Skytools and manually enter it into the Nexus DSC.
Paul D

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